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I hope you will keep coming back to our website and Facebook page as there continues to be exciting things to write about our church as we face the challenges that the 21st century brings.


When the sun shines on us and looking over the views of the Clyde, it is difficult to imagine being anywhere else in the world. Scotland is a beautiful country, however as a nation we seem to reflect the different moods the weather brings and if I can say, in church we always seem to remain very reserved Presbyterians.


I think the word is 'dour' which originated from the Gaelic 'dur'. However, at Skelmorlie Wemyss Bay we are working at making our worship more uplifting and relevant and engaging with life in the days in which we live. You can listen to the services online.


As the minister I feel exceptionally blessed being called to Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay Parish Church as the congregation both here and at Inverkip are very supportive and caring folk.


Well what would you like to know about me? I am a “Paisley Buddy” but have moved around somewhat, from being a GPO apprentice Telephone Engineer in King Street Greenock, to a computer engineer in Brisbane, Australia. I have always felt God’s hand on my life and as a young man of 21 having a real sense of a call to full-time ministry. That call was not answered until my early thirties, when I returned to Scotland from Australia, to fulfil Christ’s call on my life with the Church of Scotland.


Australia taught me many things, firstly life is incredibly fragile and yet beautiful. I also learned the importance of diversity and seeing things from the perspective of a different culture which helped me to be able to think out of the box when faced with new challenges. Australia was a very dynamic place, especially working within the new industry of computers and applying this technology to varied applications in a vast continent.


When I returned to Scotland I studied Divinity at Glasgow University and again, a privilege to take time out to study and apply those studies to life. I always have a quote that comes to mind from Star Trek’s Spock `It’s life Jim but not as we know it’. My first charge was in Ferguslie Park in Paisley which to say was challenging would be an understatement but I met some wonderful people there, people very much in the image of Christ. Ferguslie park taught me that lives become broken for many different reasons and we should enter into that brokenness with the thought in our hearts ‘that there for the grace of God go I’. My next charge was in Kinlochleven linked with Onich. This was very much a healing time for me. It is in giving that we receive and the love and support given to my wife Christine and I from the congregations and the friends that we made, make it a very special place to visit. My next charge was in Port Glasgow and again Port Glasgow will have a special place in our hearts as we have made friends with some fantastic people. Port Glasgow is a town with a rapidly changing face and some of those changes will be enthusiastically embraced such as Ferguson’s Shipyard.


Christine and I were married at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in Australia in 2002 which was an incredible time for us as we travelled extensively around Australia. On that journey Christine and I came to see that we were being called to the ministry in Scotland and now find ourselves in this beautiful part of creation.  It is true what they say behind every good man there is a better woman. Our family has now grown considerably with our grandchildren and foster daughters but we could not feel more part of the church both here and in Inverkip and thankful for the love and prayers that we have received.


I feel very privileged to be called here as the minister and to share in the life of Christ, which is so evident in the congregations of Inverkip linked with Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay.  May the Lord richly bless you all as we endeavour together to make Christ’s love and salvation known to all.



Rev. Archie Speirs BD


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3a Montgomerie Terrace, Skelmorlie,

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